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Create Legacies

Who might tell a story?

Stories can be told by older people with long lives to share or by any person who has compelling experiences that they want recorded while memories are still fresh.

Create a tribute

Is there someone really special you want to honor? Create a biography or tribute book. A group of people, such as members of a family, might want to each tell a portion of a story which then presents a collective narrative from varying points of view.

Write a Letter to Your Loved Ones

In our culture we often make careful provisions for the disposition of our material possessions.  What we do not often do is share, in writing, who we are as people: what truths we hold dear, who most influenced us, what challenges we overcame, our hopes for the future, our hopes for the lives of our loved ones.  In the midst of life, we often forget to record our thoughts and feelings of the moment. Writing a letter to a loved one can serve as a legacy, as a snapshot of a point in time, as a diary.  What would you like your loved ones to know about who you are?  What would you like them to know that could help them in living their lives?

Letters can be written by people of any age who want to record their thoughts and feelings at a particular juncture in life.  Letters can be written upon the birth of a child, upon the occasion of a wedding, or for any other life event.  Letters can be written by the terminally ill, or by older people wanting to encapsulate and share the wisdom they have gained with the advantage of age.